A programme of Interactive Storytelling adventures for under-fives and their families. Originally at Somerset House during 2010 - 2012.  


Designing and delivering an original storytelling adventure each month with tailored missions, games and crafts for each theme. Creating an immersive and inspiring experience using two spaces of the dedicated Learning Centre.



'Storybuilding' workshops designed to support creative writing in schools for ks1 and ks2. 

Since 2012. 

A series of original Storybuilding games and activities to exercise the imagination.  Stories designed for audience participation and to be steered by participants. 


storyteller of the year

 'Get into Reading' a campaign to inspire reading and writing for primary school-age children in the borough of Uxbridge. Including 'The Young Storyteller of the Year' competition. 2014.


Devising practical workshops aimed at boosting confidence to discover your inner author and set the challenge of writing 

a 500-word story for the competition.


Being on the panel of judges and presenting

the Waterstones book launch.


Hundreds of stories were also curated for a public exhibition at the Intu Shopping Centre. The winning story was published and available at Waterstones.


Founded in 2016 Storycycle Theatre Company

facilitates opportunities to respond 

re-imagine and recycle ideas. 

A theatre company with participation and community at its heart. Creating a safe space to explore worldly issues that affect us all, uncovering untold stories and unheard voices and ideas. 



Utopia 2016


I worked as part of the team behind Utopia 2016.

The Year of Imagination and Possibility at Somerset House. Marking the 500th Aniversary of Thomas More's Book Utopia.


Helping to programme participatory activities, interactive exhibits and the 15 Minutes of Utopia talks series.

Hosting events and workshops and updating the Blog.


was lucky enough to represent the project presenting at the International Utopia 500 Symposium

in Delphi and Athens.


If you are interested in a project commission or collaborating, please get in touch 





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