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 Virtual Sessions - What do teachers say ? 

Rosie was incredible! She delivered her session fantastically well, and it was lovely to see the classes engaged and focused, especially on Friday when we all feel a bit tired after a busy week. I just saw my class and they asked if they could have Rosie’s workshop next year!

We love her storytelling with the use of Makaton and great expression. We were also impressed with the beautiful screen backgrounds that enabled us to see the characters from the story. The music and songs were a great touch too! Thank you so much, and we really hope we can see Rosie very soon!

                   - Glendower Prep School ( Wild - Virtual sessions Reception, Year One and Year Two.)

Have a wild book day and step into an original, interactive fable. 
(Can be delivered at school or virtually.)

Story Explorers! Creep up close to wild characters and take part in a fantastic fable full of feelings and hidden lessons. 


This interactive storytelling session invites your class to:


  • Tour a wild story setting and help build suspense in exciting story explorer activities. 

  • Use movement, Makaton signs, repetition and rhymes in interactive storytelling. 

  • Recognise and respond to body language and expressions to explore how feelings affect our behavior.

  • Experience what stories can teach us about our choices by taking your hidden lessons back to the classroom.

Differentiated for 

& KS1
Serve up a tasty traditional tale with
The Baker Family from fairytale land.
 (Can be delivered at school or virtually.)

Story Explorers! Help a biscuit on the loose escape a

very soggy ending! Join the Baker family, as they reveal the recipe for an exciting traditional tale. 


This interactive storytelling session invites your class to:


  • Explore and enjoy the ingredients of traditional stories and fairytales.

  • Experience how pace, rhythm and rhyme affect a story by taking part in interactive storytelling. 

  • Bring a story to life, through sensory experiences.

  • Play with ideas and cook up your own characters in story explorer activities.

Differentiated for 

& KS1
Rat-a-tat-tat, Rat-a-tat-tat!
Come out to play on a Bear Hunt Bonanza!
(Can be delivered indoors, outdoors, or virtually.)

Binoculars at the ready Story Explorers!

It's time for a sensory and silly adventure to spot amongst other things, a bear! 


This interactive storytelling session invites your class to:


  • Explore the importance of story settings, building suspense and surprise in story explorer activities.  

  • Use rhythms, repetition,rhymes, movement and Makaton signs to take part in interactive storytelling.  

  • Bring a story to life through sensory experiences.

  • Learn language and literacy skills through play.

Differentiated for 

& KS1
Dive into a city deep down under the Sea in a folk tale from The Isle of Man.
(Can be delivered at school or virtually.)

Story Builders! Work as a crew to bring an underwater city back to life and uncover hidden treasures frozen in time. Can we guide Finn, the mischievous giant, to recognise and repair mistakes?


This storybuilding session invites your class to:


  • Explore the power of emotions, the past, present and future and how mistakes can be repaired. 

  • Consider how our choices affect people and the planet and what stories can do to help.

  • Discover why stories are passed on as legend by taking part in a traditional folk tale.

  • Develop three storybuilding skills in an uplifting and interactive learning experience. 

Differentiated for 

& KS2
Discover your inner author and learn to steer a story LIVE!
(A two-part program or a five-week term
delivered in school or virtually. )

Story Builders! Experience exciting interactive storytelling and exercise your imaginations. Use your storybuilding skills to steer the story, when the storyteller loses the plot.


These storybuilding sessions invite your class to:


  • Learn to recognise and create some classic story plots.

  • Develop key language and literacy skills. 

  • Discover your inner author and play with ideas. 

  • Build self-expression, self-confidence and experience creative collaboration. 


Differentiated for 


 Teacher Testimonials 


"The children were absolutely spellbound, Rosie's empowered them to see themselves as authors, the activities were a hit and her energy was infectious."

           - Pittender Sahota, KS2 Teacher, 

             Newham Infant and Nursery


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